truck 238Truck 238

Truck 238 is a 2021 107 Foot Ascendant Enforcer PUC fire apparatus. This truck is designed to meet a wide variety of needs for our community. This truck includes a 1500 GPM pump, a 480 Gallon water tank and a 20 Gallon on board foam tank. This truck had a variety of ladders from ground ladders to the 107-foot rear mounted aerial ladder. We carry a complete set of E-Draulic electric extrication tools for extrications.

"The Ascendant gives us the flexibility we needed with the operational familiarity of all our existing trucks. It can act as a truck, engine or rescue company greatly enhancing our operations all around. The maneuverability of this truck is incredible and the 107' reach of the ladder will come in handy when dealing with our setback residential structures as well as our larger industrial areas," said Chief Barton.

The truck will carry a wide variety of equipment to perform its various duties, including, all standard engine company fittings and tools, forcible entry equipment, Jaws of Life extrication tools, fans, saws and other hand tools. For fire suppression it will utilize a Pierce 1500 gpm pump with a 480-gallon poly water tank and a 20-gallon class A foam cell with a hose load consisting of 1000' of 5'' LDH off the back, 250' of 2-1/2"and two crosslays of 250' of 1-3/4". Job #: 35916


squad238Squad 238

  • Arrow XT 67" Cab
  • 22,800# TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
  • Series 60 Detroit Diesel 470 Horsepower, 1650 Torque
  • 400 Amp Niehoff Alternator
  • Frontal Impact Protection Package
  • Side Roll Protection Package
  • Command Zone Advanced MUX Control System
  • Two EMS Compartments
  • Two Hydraulic Reels with Preconnected Hurst Tools in Front Bumper
  • Long Body with Goretite Rollup Doors
  • Ladder Storage Between Tank and Body Side Sheet
  • Waterous CM 1250 Pump
  • 750 Gallon UPF Tank
  • 50 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Two Elkhart Bypass Eductors
  • Elkhart Vulcan Wireless Electric Monitor
  • Two 2.5" Crosslays
  • Two 1.75" Speedlays
  • Harrison 20KW Hydraulic Generator
  • Electric Cord Reel
  • Will-Burt Night Scan 15' Dual Tilt
  • Four Fire Kwik-Raze 750 Watt Floodlights




Truck 138

Truck 1 is a 2003 Pierce Mid Mount 95 foot Aerial.  Featuring many custom designs to Warehouse Point, including "Warehouse Point" style steps, this Aerial is capable of it all.  With specialized rope rescue equipment, a concrete saw and thermal torch, no job is too big.  Truck 138 also won in its first appearance, "Best Appearing Elevating Platform" at the CT Firemans Convention Parade 2003.  Truck 138 is by the book Warehouse Point's, but Truck 138 is truly "The Pride of Warehouse Point"

engine138Engine 138

Engine 1 is a 1998 Pierce Class A Pumper.  Carrying 750 gallons of water, 75 gallons of Class B Foam, 250 feet pre connected 3 Inch line feeding a portable monitor, hydraulic ladder rack, and seating for 5 firefighters.



rescue138Rescue 138

This 1993 Pierce Heavy Rescue has just about anything a crew could need to serve the community.  Carrying the "Jaws of Life" and hydraulic cutters, an advanced rope rescue system, walk through command console, along with numerous other tools this Rescue will do exactly what its name says.  Personnel will be plenty on this piece, with space for 10 Fire Fighters.  Rescue 138 was named "Best Appearing Heavy Rescue" at the CT Firemans Convention Parade for the years, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.



engine638Engine 638

Engine 6 is a 1989 Pierce Class A Pumper.  Carrying 1000 gallons of water with over 2000 feet of Large Diameter Hose this truck gets the wet stuff to the red stuff.  Carrying a maximum crew of 6 this is the lone pumper at Station 238.



Duty Officer Vehicle

2006 Ford Expedition 4x4 Vehicle Typically staffed from 6pm to 6am, our duty officer vehicle allows for the quickest possible arrival of a department officer to take charge and assess the situation. Equipped with a fully operational command center, including computer and printer, that allows for the the latest information to be gathered for any type of emergency and organized for a safe and effective operation.






Marine 138

This 1972 15 Foot Boston Whaler is quite the rugged boat.  Primarily operating in the Connecticut River, this boat can see water 1 foot deep to 40 feet deep depending on the season.  Everytime we go into the river during low water levels we may need a new prop for the engine, but the boat never fails us.







Forestry 138

A 1969 Ford E-350 this truck primarily goes places nothing else can.  With a rugged 4x4 setup and pump and roll capabilities getting to a forest fire wont be a problem.  You will also often see Forestry 138 pulling Marine 138 to emergency calls.






engine238Engine 238 (Retired)

Better known as the "Super Pumper" by many, Engine 2 is a 1982 Grummen Pumper.  Carrying 750 gallons of water and over 2000 feet of Large Diameter Hose, this Engine is the ultimate supplement to get the water from the source to the fire, meaning safer, more effective operations.




Station 138


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